How far would you go to save someone you love?
Emilio Seratino is not willing to watch his son Nick waste away. There are “many options” for a new kidney, and Emilio plans to utilize them all.
When patients ahead of Nick on the waiting list start mysteriously dying, the authorities are called in to investigate. Meanwhile, Nick’s condition digs up family secrets better left buried.
Much as John Grisham educates readers about legal topics, Dr. Dennis Ross showcases his medical knowledge in The Perfect Match, teaching readers about kidney failure with many a thrilling twist and turn up to the final bloody crescendo.


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The Lethal Elixir

When Alex Williams, a quiet Deaconess Hospital Laboratory employee falls ill with a highly contagious and lethal infection, the entire hospital staff panics worrying about their personal exposure and they don’t show up for work. Hospital executives are concerned about the hospital’s image and the possible negative publicity. And Maggie Hamilton, the infectious Diseases Specialist, is perplexed where he could have acquired the disease. After medical scrutiny, they found that Alex suffered from a “weapons grade” strain of Ebola infection that could potentially spread and become a worldwide lethal epidemic. As more evidence surfaces, the medical specialist and her newfound FBI friend, find themselves travelling across the country to locate the perpetrators before the elixir is unleashed upon the world.