Why did I write my first novel “The Perfect Match?”

Simple! I have cared for patients with kidney failure for over 40 years. Unless you, a family member, or a friend has had kidney failure, you probably wouldn’t realize how life changing this could be. If you have kidney failure you would need to be on a fluid restriction, avoid foods high in potassium such as fruits and fruit drinks, avoid dairy products such as ice cream or milk that are high in phosphorus and have dialysis three times a week in a center for three to four hours. If you chose to do home dialysis, you would either be having treatments five to six days a week with hemodialysis or daily with peritoneal dialysis. The treatments may cause cramps, low blood pressure, or generalized fatigue after the treatment is completed. Having said this, you have to realize that before the 1960’s dialysis was generally not available so having kidney failure at that time meant you were going to die.

To educate people unfamiliar with kidney failure and writing about this condition as a physician would likely put the reader to sleep, but writing a fictional medical thriller that is entertaining and educational at the same time is likely to be more successful in teaching the reader about the condition. My hope is that I have accomplished this in The Perfect Match.

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